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Electronic Arts reserves the right to make improveneiits in the product desciited in ihis 
manual at anytinie and without notice. This manual and the product described in this nvmnal 
are copyrighted. All rigtite reserved. No part of tins nariual may be copied, lopiodured. 
translated, or reduced to any electronic medium w machine readable larm iwtlioul prior written 
conserl of Electronic Arte. P.O. Bosi. 9D25. Redwood City, California 94083-9025 

Technical Support Contact Info 

E-mail and Website: For instant access to all of oi» technical Support Knowledge, please 

visit hflp-.tftechsupporua.Hrir>. 

Telephone Support Technical Support is aisa available from Sam to 6pm PST by calling us at 

(650) 62B-4322. No hints or codes are available from (650) 628-4322. 

Mailing Address; Electronic Arts Technical Support 

TO Box 9025 

ftedwood City CA 94063-9025 
If you iw outside of the United States, yoj can corfact one of Dur other offices. 
In Australia, contact: 
Electa™ Arts Pry. Ltd, 
P.O. Box 432 
Sauthoort Old 42 15, Australia 

In the United Kingdom. contact- 
Electronic Arts Ltd. 
P.O. Box 1ST 

Cher1sey.KT16 0YL, UK 
Pbow (0670) 2432435 
in Australia: For Technical Support and Same Hints and Tips, 
phone the EA HOTLINE 1 902 201 600 (95 cents per min.) 
CTS 7 days a week 10 AM-8 PM. II you are under 18 years 
of age parents! consent required. 

Pinal of Purchase 

Hi633 u U85 

attracts int. as Wnn *opia fcHkirsr. *te**wd C»n c* MtfeS 

CZM6B»Irt%ttln£llKfcirarftk^ HlHwLafl«Ti 

Cfvr beats. JU nohbnsen«l iU rthn J-a*fta&ik£ ate M vofrnfUtw^m^^rmtm. 

Luh-//uitf»f.rei>lacewenTdocs-eow J 

About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a secure when exposed to certain visual 
images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games- Even people 
who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can 
cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching videa games. 
These seizures may have a variety of symptoms including: lightheadedness, altered vision, 
eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusSwi, or 
momentary loss of awareness . Seizu res may also cause loss of consciousness or convul- 
sions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects, 
Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. 
Parents should walrti for or ask their children about the above symptoms — children and 
teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seiiures. 
The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting further from the tele- 
vision screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit room, and not playing 
when you are drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before 

Other Important Health and Safety Information 

The Xbox video game system documentation contains important safety and health informa- 
tion that you should read and understand before using this software. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or rear-projection 
types, can be damajed if any video games, including Xbox games, are played on them. 
Static images presented during the normal course of game play may "bum In* to the screen, 
causing a permanent shadow of the staSc image to appear at all times, even when video 
games are not being played. Similar damage may occur from static images created when 
placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult your television owner's manual to determine 
if video games can be safely played on your set If you are unable lo find this information in 
the owner's manual, contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine it video 
games can be played on youf set. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission,, public performance, rental, pay for 
play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 
This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Por information 
about the ESRB rating please visit 

heck out Efl online at. www.ea.CDm. 



Change weapon ;pull 

and hoSd, then m«a 

© VD efaaff weapon 


■ f , ■■ 


Biter/sit (or eject from) 
rehicte'sMionary weapon 

Jump [wfien standing} 

Open parachute [wiien 

to prone (lap twice when 
standingUJump to feet 
llajt twice when prwie] 



Aim/Laok around/ 
Zoom (dick) 


Change camera 

© (dick; 

Speak (Xbox Communicator required] 



Pick up kit 


Shaw/hide full map 


Toggle 3D flag type and distance indicator 


Zoom map/mi nimap 


Combat zone overview screen 








Pause screen 



Command: a nearby trooper to enter your vehicle 
and take over gunner duties (single-pSayer only) 


Drive la nd vehicle/Helicopter pilch and rotation O 
Helicopter Attitude and Roli 

Change camera (single-player) 
Change vehicle position 
Aim turret 


Shoot while driving (single-player only; you must 
have a gunner and the vehicle's driving position 
cannot control a main weapon] 

© to switch to gunner view, 
then El to fire 



3D map — distance Id 

control point (army's 

flag, or gray for neutral) 

Target icon 

Posrtkm (standing, 

CJOBhetj, prone, 

HeaJtri tones 


Allied and enemy 
— tickets (number of 
soWiers] remaining 

Control pwtt capture 
progress melef 

Total amma 

* Your target icon turns red when you are targeting an enemy, and small red arrows 
appear when yew score a lit. Small blue arrows indicate when you hit an allied troop. 


Press © during gameplay to tulngj up the scoreboard. From Hie scoreboard you can select 
a player to access the Vote to Kick, Mute. Add as Friend, Invite to Clan, and Send Feedback 


DifHcl -un to con!':' paint 

Artillery Strike 
command computer 

Corronl point (army's !l*j, 
or gray for neutral 


* If an enemy is capturing an allied flag rt flashes red on ttie minimap when it is neutralized. 
If a teammate is capturing an enemy flag it flashes blue once it is neutralized. 


There are two online game modes: Conquest and Capture ttie Flag. 


In Conquest mode, your team tries to take command of tie control points on the map while 
fighting off the enemy. Hold a majority of the control points to drain your enemy's tickets 
(number of soldiers remaining). The team that loses all of its tickets first loses Hie match. 


In Capture the Flag mode, you must infiltrate the enemy's base and return their flag back to 
ynur base, while stopping the enemy from doing the same. The winning team is the one with 
the most enemy flags captured wben time runs out. 
* Your team can on!y score a flag capture if your own flag is secure at your base. 


Access the different screens of the muluplayer menu to set up your game and profile and to 

connect to an all-out war online. 

Optima tch Set filters to find your preferred server/game type, then connect to 

a game and take the fight to the enemy. If you don't like the first 
choice pres ented to you, you cart refresh until you find one that suits 
your style. OH* Only available when flie Oplimateti Auto Connect 
filter is set to OFF.) 

Quick. Match Quickly connect to the best server available. 

BF:HQ Get even more out of your online experience via toe Friends, Clan, 

Community, and Stats screens. 

Options Set in-game options for controls, volume, and more. 


You're here to do a jot, soldier. Do it well and your efforts will not go unrecognized. Pull off acts 
of bravery and heroism on the battlefield and receive medals and ribbons as well as points for 
your outstanding service. Those points earn you promotions, from Ftivate up to 5 Star General. 

U>li|1r6ur muftipEayer rank is separate from your single-player rank. 


The most common way to earn points is by taking out enemies. There are several other 
ways to earn points in multiplayer play, such as healing teammates (when playing as a sup- 
port soldier], repairing manned friendly vehicles (when playing as an engineer], or driving a 
vehicle in which a passenger scores a kill. 

In Conquest games, you can earn points by neutralizing or capturing flags. In Capture the 
Flag games, the biggest point boost comes from capturing a flag. Killing enemy Hag earners, 
enemies within your home base, or enemies who are threatening your flag or flag carrier ail 
earn bonus points. Other point bonuses come from returning your flag, picking up an enemy 
flag after a teammate has dropped it, or driving a flag carrier. 


Any player can call an artillery strike on any position on the map. All you need to dD is walk 

up to the map's command computer and log on (press ©,. 

* Artillery strikes are only available at certain intervals. When one is available, a bomb icon 

appears over the command computer location on your minimap. 
Once you are logged on, you see a map with a crosshair and the locations of allied and 
enemy forces. Fan the map by moving Q and zoom in/out by pressing $1 . Move the 
crosshair to your target by moving © , then pull Q to rain down death and destruction from 


Press © from the Mulb'player menu or BF:HQ screen to access the Friends screen. If a 

friend is playing online and there is enough room on the server you can jump directly into 

that game. 

Yon can also view your Wends" stats, invite friends to join your dan, check your inbox, and 

send friends messages. 

* To add a friend, press © ami enter their Gamertag or select Biem from the Recent 

Players fist 
Rroin your inbox, you can receive and respond to friends' requests, clan requests, game invites, 
and messages. More stats and messaging options are available through the My Clan screen. 


The player has sent you an invitation to join Iheir Friends list 

The player wants you to join their game. Get in there and start fragging. 

M l Vau've been sent a message. Is it a friendly hello or a vicious taunt? 

|jp | You've invited this player to join your Friends ISst 

I ^ You've sent out an invitation to join your game. 

| QJ Voice is on. If the player is talking too much, tjy muting them. 
Speaking (switches between two icons}. 

! 9 Team speaking (switches between too icons). 

jOt Voi*^ muted. You no longer have to hear this player's smack. 

(3 Voice through speakers. The player can hear yrju, but don't expect any backtalk from ttiem. 


In order to play a clan mateh you must first create a clan from the M u Itiplayer menu (go to 
BFHQ> Clan > Create Clan], 

Clan leaders and co-leaders can challenge other clans either through the Leaderboard, the 
Clan Ready screen, or through the OptiMatch system. To do so, a member of your clan most 
ready your clan through the Clan Ready screen (BFHQ > Cian > Clan Game > Clan Ready). 

CliiH You dan also use the Clan Ready screen to edit match preferences or to mark the clan as 
"no longer ready.' 

Once a challenge has been issued and accepted, invitations are sent to all dan members. To 
start the game, the highest ranking member of each clan must flag their team as ready from 
the in-game scoreboard. If the game has not started within a set amount of time, you are 
returned to the Main menu. 

TuTtl You cannot send a challenge if there is no available Eft server to host the game. 


The story-driven single-player campaign features propaganda-fueled conflict where you 
see combat from both sides. Plunge headlong into the fog of war and fight for both armies 
before being forced to choose which side to lead to victory. 


Hi nap 

* Your target icon turns red when you are targefing an enemy, and small red arrows 
appear when you scare a hit. Small blue arrows indicate you are hitting an allied troop. 


Enfflrry troop 


Eninancemerat dial 


Each mission in the single- player campaign has three key objective types, represented by 
dials that appear on the screen when you engage me objective. 

Balance of Power 

The blue on this dial represents your team strength as measured by number of 
troops remaining. The red is your enemy's ream strength. Eliminate every enemy 
to turn the dial completely blue and complete the objective. If it turns all red. you 
fail the objective. 

Defense Timer 

Defend an area for the set amount of time. Even a lone soldier can defend an 
area, so keep fighting down to the last man, 

Key Target Counter 

Complete key targets such as laying explosives and taking out enemy armor. 



rtotSwapping takes squad shooters to (tie next level. This new single-player campaign 
feature lets you become any soldier in ymjrarmy in the blink of an eve, giving you instant 
tactical control. 

* To HotSwap to another soidier. center Hie soldier in your screen to turn his troop type 
icon white, then press O . 

* When you die. you automatically swap to anotner soldier. Deatti swapping results in a 
considerable hit to your points total. 


In single-player play, you ars promoted up Hie ranks by reaching: certain levels of stars. 
There are four main ways to earn stars: 

* Perform well during missions'. Earn points by killing quickly and efficiently, maintaining 
high accuracy, finishing trie mission quickly, making frequent use of your teammates via 
HotSwrapping. and suffering as few casualties as possible. 

* Complete field tasks: Destroy key objects, such as all the road signs in a mission. 

* Tafce on challenges: These minigame-type objectives include HotSwap, racing, and 
weapons challenges. 

* Win mission medals: Display proficiency in weapons and vehicles by, for example, killing 
multiple enemies with one shotgun clip or pulling off a long-distance jump in a 4x4. 

jJEJJl Unlocks and rewards you earn in single-player play do not carry over to multiplayer. 


Become an even more lethal force on the battlefield by equipping, yourself with, increased 
ammo capacity, new weapon funtftwialitjes, and more. You unlock unlocks as you climb in 
rank. Unlock a larger clip for your machine gun or homing capability for your rocket launcher. 
There are three types of unlocks: weapons/equipment weapon upgrades, and challenges. 
You unlock weapons and equipment as you progress through your campaign. Upgrades and 
challenges unlock as you climb in rank. 

* When you unlock a weapon or upgrade you untuck it for your Profile, meaning it's yours 
to use no matter what army you're fighting for. 


Rack up kills in rapid succession to fill your Enhancement dial. Enhancements include health 
boosts, increased speed, damage multipliers, increased fire rates, and more. The effects are 
temporary, so take advantage of them while tfiey last 


Crouching improves your accuracy compared to standing, and lying prone improves it 
even more. 
•*- Killing or even shooting allied troops decreases your points total, so watch that friendly fire! 

* Kill rankings (Perfect, Great, Good) are determined by the time from when you first inflict 
damage on an enemy troop or vehicle to when you eliminate the troop or vehicle. It thus 
pays to take enemy distance and cover into account Wore firing your initial salvo if you 
want to achieve that Perfect raSng. (Single-player campaign only.) 

• Kill one enemy, then kill a second enemy within a certain amount of time (determined by 
the ranking of the first kill) for a x2 points multiplier on the second kill. A third kill gets 
you a x3 multiplier, etc. (Single-player campaign only.) 


EJecbonic Arts warrants id trie original purchaser of Wis product mat the recording medium m which the sortwan? 
programs are recorded (toe 'Recanling Medium | ar.d Hw rkcumerrtaiion mat is included with this product fltirj 
Manual'! are tree from delects in matenats and workmanship tor a period of 90 days Irom the date- of purchase. 
H Die flecrmrmri Medium or the Manual is found to be defective wittirn 90 days from me dale rjf purchase. 
Electronic Arts agrees lo replace the Recording Medium or Manual tree of change upon receipt ot Hie Recording 
Medium or Manual at its serais Denier, postage paid, with proof ot purchase. This warranty is limited to die 
Recording Medium containing die software program and die Manual Ural were originasty jKOMidetJ by Electronic 
Ms. Tibs warranty shall not be applicable and stall be void if, in the judgment ot Electronic Arts, the defect has 
arisen through abuse, mistreatmrsrtor neglect 

This limited warranty; is fn lieu of alt otter warrantees. whether oral or written, express or implied, mrjudirig any 
wanarrty at menSiantabitily nr fitness for a particular purpose, and no other representalicn ot my nature strati 
be ixmfnrj an or obligate Bectronic Arts, tf any such warranties are incapable of Exclusion, men such warranties 
applies* to this product, ivaudsrg implied warrantees of rrarcharuaMity and fitness tor a particular purpose, are 
limited to toe 90-day period described above, to no event will Electronic tats be liable lor any special, incidental, 
or ctnsequeritial damages resuming horn possessim, use or malhDictwn of this Electronic Arts product, mcluflinn 
damage to property and to the extent permitted by. law, damages tot personal injury, even if Electrons Arts Has 
been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some slates dm not allow rutiitanon as to now long an implied 
warranty lasts andiw exclusions or limitation ot incWental or consequenlial damages so me above limitatirms 
andrer exclusion o1 natality may ret apply to you. In audi pjnsfljcrjons, the Electronic Arts' liability shall be smiled 
to me fullest errant permitted by law. This warranty awes you specific rights. Irou may also tiawe cither rights 1hat 
vary from state to state. 


Hease return toe product along wrBt (fl a copy of etoorional sales receipt showing the date of purchase, i.2) 
a brief descripSpm ol toe difficulty you are experiencing, and (3) your name, address and phone number to the 
address below and Electronic Arts will mail a replacement Recording! Medium and/or Manual to you. H Bk product 
was damaosd Buougfi misuse or accidenl. this 90-day warranty is rendered votd and you wai need So tallow Ihe 
instructions tor returns ate toe 80-day warranty period. We strongly reoommend thai you send your products 
ussig a traceable delivery method. Electronic Ms is not responsible Tw products not h its possession.. 

aWi^MiiTlNrurrftAilDN ^ n . 

If toe defect in the Recording Meojurn or Manual resulted from abuse, mtstrealmen! or neglect or rl me Recording 
Medium or Manual is found to be defecta after 90 days from Urn date of purchase, choose one of the following 
options to receive our replacement instructions: 
Onlme: hhpifwarrarrlyinfD.ea.oorn 

Automated KSrarty rnforawSon: ibu can contact out automated phone system 24 hours a day lor any and all 
warranty questions: 
US 1(6501623-1900 


Electronic Arts Customer Warranty 

P.O. Box. 9EH5 

Redwood City. CA 94063-9025 

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